Tuesday, October 13, 2015

My coauthored story

This week, I was asked to think about a person who has helped write my life story. Reading the Nakkula and Toshalis chapter and completing this blog assignment gave me insight to the fact that everyone you meet has some kind of impact on you and you impact them, whether it is big or small. Coming up with the list of ten people made me think about friends, educators, and others who have impacted my life in ways I hadn't even realized. The chapter also emphasized that youth and youth workers shape each others stories through their interactions and experiences. Like we have experienced in our Youth Development courses, we both teach and are taught by youth. I believe this is a crucial aspect of youth work and I will keep that in mind in my work with youth.

Someone that has played a very important part in my life and has helped coauthor my story is my sister. We are only a year apart in age and grew up together. We are still very close and have most of our mutual friends in common. We have always been a support to each other and are able to remind each other of our strengths when one of us might be doubting ourselves. She also is able to give me advice or help me to think about a problem I might encounter and how to best handle it. Having someone who understands me and has my best interests at heart has helped me to grow as a person and has helped shape my life into what it is today.


  1. Really liked your point on adults teaching youth as well as youth teaching adults. Sometimes people often forget that youth have this unique yet complex gift that make us question certain attitudes and judgements we hold. I would like to use your viewpoint in my blog post. Good job!

  2. I agree with Essence... what resonated most with me here was "we both teach and are taught by youth" So important!

  3. Hi Megan!

    I agree that everyone we meet has some impact on our lives and we impact them in return, whether that is big or small.


  4. Hey Megan!

    I didn't realize it until I read the article but it is so true that everyone you meet has some sort of impact on your life....positive or not.Great blog post!