Friday, December 11, 2015

YDEV Event #2 - Lights on Afterschool! Breakfast of Champions

For my second event, I attended the Lights on Afterschool! Breakfast of Champions. The Rhode Island Afterschool Plus Alliance (RIASPA) coordinated this event, and this was the 13th year. According to the RIASPA, the purpose of this event was to bring awareness to the "critical need for and importance of afterschool and summer programs to children, youth, families, and communities; and increased awareness and support for afterschool and summer programs among policymakers, funders, and other decision makers."

The theme of this year was Passion, Potential, and Possibility. All of the speakers did a wonderful job of talking about their experience as youth, working with youth, and the importance of partnerships and involvement in all facets of the local community to provide all youth with opportunities to fully develop their potential. It was also very exciting to see Jonathon Kozol, who was the keynote speaker, since we read his work for our classes and he has so much knowledge and experience in the field. We were also able to meet YDEV alumni from previous years and share experiences with each other and make connections. I really enjoyed this event because I got to learn about youth development in our local community, and all of the different organizations and youth workers who are involved and committed to serving our local youth. It really solidified my passion for the field, and I am very lucky and grateful that I was able to attend.

YDEV Family!

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